About Us

Hi there & thank you for shopping our online boutique! Lottie Rose was in the works starting early in 2017 with a Grand Opening in the Fall. Our boutique is named after our great grandma Lottie. Why? She was a fashionista at heart. From heels, dresses, pearls & other beautiful accessories, she always dressed her best. What a great influence she was! So, who are we? We are sisters that have decided to go on another adventure together. During our younger years, we grew up in North Dakota. As adults, we have become great friends, and are both raising our beautiful families in Minnesota. We were always taught that it was important to have a strong work ethic. This along with our adventurous spirits, is how Lottie Rose became a reality.

My name is Cristie. I have 2 beautiful children, Hope & Gavin. My husband, Aaron, thankfully tolerates my adventurous spirit. I love spending time with my family, attending my kids activities, reading a good book, and taking a siesta at the beach. I am blessed and so thankful for this wonderful life of mine!

I am Danielle. My husband Jason and I have been blessed with amazing twin boys Blayne & Blake. Much of my free time is spent running to sporting events cheering on my boys, coming up with amazing house projects for Jason to work on, and any chance I get I visit a beach.

With that being said, we decided it was time to do something that we would greatly enjoy. We wanted to open a boutique with clothes we all can wear every day, while enjoying our beautiful crazy lives. Whether you are going to a sporting event, a night out with friends, or attending a dressy event, we wanted to make it easy to find something affordable that you will feel beautiful in!

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